Friday, November 3, 2017

I'm back!

My deepest and sincerest apologies for being gone for so long.

I had some medical issues last summer and then just got busy!

Where should I begin again?

Any ideas???

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I obeyed....

He gave me his address....

I was so nervous.  H lived in a large house a few towns over from me.  He opened the door, jeans and shirt...bare feet.....we hugged hello.  He poured me some wine and we sat on the couch, talking....slowing moving closer on the couch.

I had never done something so reckless.  I hardly knew this man.  He could be anyone.  For all I know he could have a sound proof room and I would never be heard from again!  LOL  But I wanted badly!

As we talked, we began to hold hands, I traced his hand and fingers....we started to kiss.....long, hard and intense.  He found my tits, held them, grabbed at them, cupped them in his large hands.  I told him I wasn't ready to have sex yet.  He agreed.....

We continued kissing and top came off at some point.  I lay back on his couch as he continued sucking my tits and kissing hands finding his cock.  I fumbled to remove his belt and open his pants....

Then it happened....

I saw it...full and hard....the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on.  My god it was glorious.  It was all I could do to contain myself.  I wrapped my hands around it..both hands.  He then stood above me and forced his cock into my mouth...rough, but I took it...I wanted it...needed it in my mouth.....

I sucked and stroked hard so large.....

He talked a lot....that's right, take my cock. It's yours....I own your pussy now.  You own my cock.  Take it...

Then he pulled out and came all over my chest and face....I was bathed in his warm sticky thick cum.  It was amazing. I felt powerless to this man...I felt a slave to his cock and to him and to his sudden power over me.

I left that night...knowing I would be back very soon and knowing I would take that beautiful cock deep inside me very soon.

Mr Big proved to be a pleasant surprise and little did I know he would change me and have a profound effect on me as I journeyed deeper into complete abandon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mr Big

It's got to be over four years now since I met Mr. Big...that's what we will call him.

It was in the beginning stages of us trying to figure the lifestyle out.  I made profiles on a few sites to try to find men that attracted me.  I was looking for men that didn't mind that I was married.  I was always honest from the start.  I never lied about being married, or about my husband always being aware of my activities and dates.  Some men couldn't handle that. Some men, well, all they wanted to do was show me their dick.  I wanted more...I want more.

I am old fashioned when looking for a man to take to bed.  I have to like him and feel like I know him...yes, there are those one night stands, those quick fucks. Those are FUN!  But I was looking for a man to date, a man to see on a regular basis.  It was also still every new for me and I was nervous too.  I wanted to make sure it was someone who would keep my secret....someone who would treat me well....

I started talking to Mr Big because I liked his face, he was a dad and talked so much of his daughter.  He just seemed like a real guy...who lived in another state from his family for work and was lonely.  It was a plus that he lived alone and the wife wasn't around.  I am not really into making a man cheat...but he lived across country from his wife...and ended up divorcing her a year or so late. So I didn't feel too bad.  :-) 

It's been many years since we started talking....Not sure I remember all the details....but we talked online and emails for a long time...traded photos I am sure.  So one day we decided to meet. We met at a Starbucks for a drink...we talked....he actually gave me his business card so that I would know everything about him so I would feel safe. By this time my husband and him had begun talking.  (in our early days of the lifestyle, it made my husband feel better to talk to the men too.  Now that isn't the case often.)  The meeting was good....we walked out to my car...and we kissed good bye....well, more than a was fire and heat and I could tell this was going to be good.  I slide his hand up to the side of my breast and I pressed in and could feel his hard cock....I could tell this was going to be VERY good.

I drove off feeling like I had been electrocuted! I was abuzz....  I believe I went home to my waiting husband and am fairly certain I got fucked hard and fast and hot....

That night I texted Mr Big and said I wanted to see him again....he said now....

I obeyed.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This one time...on an elevator....

Parents away from their kids and out for the night partying up with other parents is just dangerous!  That's where I found myself several years ago.  Dinner, dancing, lots of fundraiser...spending lots of money...having tons of fun!

I was done for the night.  Danced out and very very tipsy!  So I kissed my hubby good night and stumbled into the elevator.  On that elevator was a very nice looking man.  He chuckled at me and at my happy mood...and asked if I was having a good night.  Not totally sure what else he said...but as he got off at his floor I threw caution to the wind and pulled him in for one hell of a kiss!  He then told me what room he was in...I said good night and went up to my room.

Not soon, my husband came up to the room, where I preceded to tell him what happened.  He told me to go.  So I did.

I knocked on his door and he answered it and we went mad on each other.  Clothes were flying and we couldn't get to the bed quick enough.  His cock was quite nice and he was a very confident and knowledgeable lover.  He took charge and I was happy to respond.  I left there still tipsy and very happy with myself.

I returned to my room and my husband where I was promptly fucked silly by him.  I was one satisfied woman.

I saw Paul a few more times over the year after that, when he would return to town.  He has been one of the lovers that I have had that really turned me on.  Not sure why...just knew what he was doing and made me feel submissive and sexy and needed.  I would still be fucking him on his visits had we not made the mistake of talking religion and politics.  LOL

I miss the booty calls the day before he would fly into town.....but happy to have learned things from throw caution to the wind when I see a handsome sexy man and to not talk of things that might make me loose a lover!

I also learned you never know where you might find a partner....elevators are a good place!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Dry Spell

Hello all

It's been a while, and I am sorry for that!  Mommy time and family commitments and end of the school year activities, etc have taken me away from my play time and from you all here.

I have also been a little under the weather and dealing with that.

So....I haven't played much, though I have been talking to many men...or as my husband calls them, my admirers.

I go through dry spells....some self induced, some mostly brought on by life.  And sometimes....I just don't feel it.

Maybe that has been my problem the last few weeks.  So I am putting myself out there....

I saw a long time friend a few weeks ago that kind of left me feeling less than satisfied.  It actually will probably be the last time I see him.  I don't need to be with men that don't make me feel like the center of the world at the moment.  (I know...that sounds horrible!)  But if I am putting you at the center of my world in those moments...then I want you do to the same.  Is that too much to ask?

If we are going to spend an evening in bed, exploring each other, kissing, sucking, sweating, fucking and whatever else, then I need to be your number one!

There are a few men out there that might be getting the pleasure of my company this next week.

I will keep you updated!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I cheated.....I'm flawed

My brain has been jumping all over the place as I sit down to write this blog each time.

Now it goes to guilt.

My first marriage lasted over 11 years.  We were together just about a total of 16 years.  It didn't work out.  He was what I thought I needed.  He was the father figure that so many of us screwed up women with horrible father's look for.  He was OLDER....too much older now that I look back and not enough fun for me.  But I was young and stupid and still trying to be something I thought I should be.

He asked me to marry him.....and a month before we were to be married....I cheated.

I had been faithful.  For many many years.  Marriage scared me.  And let's be honest, I didn't really know if I could do it.  I also knew I was already having doubts about who I was deep inside.

So I flirted a bit too much one day....which turned into a drink after work...which turned into me being a bit sloppy tipsy...which turned into me running my hand up his leg in the bar...which turned into him, taking me back to his room.

Which turned into MIND BLOWING throw your clothes off, bend me over, legs in the air, close the windows to hide the screaming SEX!

His name was John.  And it was glorious!  I had been with my almost husband for just under 5 years. Sex was good.  We had our moments of it being creative and daring.  But I was feeling trapped and old (even though I was only 22, he was 32).  And I was tired of stuffing down that other side of me. So I let loose!

He was like crack to me that night.  I couldn't get enough.  I had never had such frenetic passionate crazy sex, with someone who was almost a stranger.  We had worked together for a while, and it had mostly been harmless flirting, plus he knew that I was about to get married.  So it took some convincing...hence the hand up the leg in the bar.  (Works every time!)

I felt like I had unleashed myself.  I don't even know how long it lasted.  But back in the day...with no cell phones or social media, when you said you were working late, and then staying in....that was that.  So I knew I had a while and he wasn't going to come looking for me.  I knew he was at work and he thought I would be home in my bed.  I knew he'd get off so late from work he wouldn't call and wake me up.  So I let the sex go...and as I was showering after it was over, and as he was walking me to my car and kissing me good bye...I was starting to crumble inside.

Driving home was a mix of guilt and exhilaration. I was a mash up of thrill and excitement and flushed checks and wet panties.....and realizing I was a horrible person who was now a cheater!  I was everything I never wanted to be.  I have no doubt a few tears were shed on that ride home, but I was completly hooked on the feeling and drunk with the feeling that I could bed a man that I wanted.

Yes....I am flawed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm posting....sort of

My apologies for not posting more often.

My life is split in two most days.

I float between two worlds.  A world of work, dishes, ball games, checking grades, barking dogs and volunteer work.....a world that is focused on everyone else.

And a world of wanting, needing to be with men, to be desired by feel sexy, to turn men on......a world that is self centered...a world that is about SEX and DESIRE and WANT and PASSION.

Do you see my problem here?

I could be typing this and at any moment my child could walk in the room and ask me to sign a permission slip, or take her to but an outfit for her dance.

Do you see what I face?

Oh how I wish I could be free to sit here at my computer daily and tell you of every hot amazing adventure I have had.  Just be assured of this....I will get there!  ;-)

It's hard living in two worlds and shutting down half of me most days...and then finding the time to relax and open up that other side of me and letting that part of me GO.  It takes time to warm up that's not a switch for me.

My mind wanders sometimes.  I am sure you will find this wrong or a turn on....but when I am sitting in church some Sunday mornings or at a PTA meeting, I will get a text from one of the men I have been seeing, or talking to and I will for that moment combine those two worlds.

Picture me, sitting there, all appropriately dressed, breasts buttoned in, checking my phone like any other mom at the meeting....but all the while, my pussy is starting to ache....ever so slightly begin to dampen my panties as I talk to whoever might be wanting me at that moment.

And as I look around the room...feeling ordinary in that room, and sometimes not as pretty as some of those perfect little PTA moms...I know I could leave there and go fuck a few men...and they probably aren't getting any when they get home!

Man, I am such a bitch!  For all I of their husbands could be the one texting me.  

So don't worlds are hard to unravel and I will make sure I update and include all of you as much as I can, as often as I can.