Thursday, March 8, 2018

Time for some hubby love

So I wouldn't be able to share with you all the way I do, if it wasn't for my amazing husband.  He has seen things in me and encouraged me in ways that I never even knew I needed.

We have travelled this new Hotwife road together and it hasn't always been easy.  In fact there have been times where I have said ENOUGH and times where he has said...I NEED A BREAK!  So we have learned to respect those moments and times and have grown stronger and deepened our understanding of the lifestyle and each other along the way.  He is kind of awesome!

I just have to give some time to him though....

Last night...HOLY HELL!!

Have you ever had sex and everything just clicked?

We have amazing hot sex pretty much ALWAYS!  But something last night just hit me right!  He attacked my he always does....Come on...why not!  There they are...for the taking.  Then I just kind of rolled over onto my side a little and he knew what I wanted.  I needed him in me from behind.  His cock fits so perfectly inside me and I just grinded on him and screamed for more and harder and just told him how incredible his cock was and how it filled me up just the way I always need it to.  It was just fucking amazing.

And I came.

And I came.

And he came.

And then it was like an ocean....the orgasms just kept washing over after the other.  He lay there next to me and just encouraged me as they just kept coming.  He fingered me and had me in another world...but my pussy ached for more....

So I reached over and grabbed my vibrator and he fingered me and I came again.


How lucky can one woman be?  Well....very lucky!  I love this man and am so thankful for what we have together and all we experience together....and of course...the mind blowing sex!

Happy Thursday all!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Room 725

So after the hot ride home from dinner and feeling slightly tipsy....

We stopped in the lobby for waters and wine to take up to the room.

He had a lovely room with a living room area and a seperate bedroom.  We sat on the couch and started talking...and kissing....I climbed on top of him on the couch, he took off my top and went to take off my bra....and finally succeeded!  It was funny.  He said he was out of practice.

He sucked and kissed my tits and just held them and buried his face in them.

Enough couch!  I needed more space!!

We made our say to the bedroom.  He told him he had no trouble taking as much time as I wanted...lots of foreplay...but I get so eager for a cock inside me....I am not always good at taking time.

So we played...after we took our clothes off.  His cock wasn't huge....average to smaller...but hard as a rock and I could tell he knew how to work a I wasn't disappointed at all!  We kissed, he sucked, and fingered, I sucked him and licked is cock up one side and down the other. I wanted him in me so badly.

I couldn't wait any more.  I had him put on the condom and I couldn't slide down on him fast enough!  There was a mirror in the room so I could seem myself in the light of the window as I sat on him and watched his hands on me as I worked his cock.  It was a nice view (& I don't normally say that about myself). 

He turned me over and again...I could see him pumping me from behind.  He was very legs ass up.

Hard to remember all the details...but we ended our fucking for the night with him on top.  He fucked me hard...and pulled out...I had asked him to...and he pulled off the condom...and came all over my tummy...and boy...DID HE CUM! He kept saying...not done...not done yet...and just really let it shake his whole being.

We were both pretty spent.  We lay in bed and talked some more.  I couldn't have been happier with how the night had turned out.  My friend at the bar turned out to be a really wonderful happy surprise.

I cleaned up and we got dressed and he walked me down to my car.  We held hands and he kissed me goodbye....gave me a room key and said he would see me again before he left.  Even if I never used it, being handed that room key was so thrilling.  It just felt so powerful and naughty and freeing! 

I definitely feel like this encounter has really advanced my hotwife lifestyle.  My husband was super supportive of this adventure....and was waiting for me when I got home...candles lit, wine poured and eagerly waiting to hear of my night.  What more could a girl ask for!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 I am the worst at this!

Hey all

Sorry.  Not sure why I just can't get in the hang of this and keep writing regularly.  At any rate.  I will get back to Mr. Big at some point.

I wanted to tell you about my new guy!!

A few months ago I had a delayed flight which found me in the airport bar.  I sat myself down next to a gentleman who looked nice enough.  I wasn't planning on talking much...but the conversation started.  Just talking about this and that...but we hit it off and the conversation and the laughs came easy.  So easy two glasses of wine each later it was time to walk to our gates!  But before we did, I just went for it....

I asked him how often he got back into my neck of the woods.  He said fairly often. I asked him if he would want to see me again....if he ever did that sort of thing. (He was married).  He said he has seen women before...and yes, he would love to see me again and was intrigued by my most men are.

Needless to say I was thrilled.  He was nice, hard working, family man, cute and pleasant to talk with and I had butterflies!  So we walked to his gate and we kissed.  I know for some that may not seem like a big deal..but this was seriously on my bucket list!  I have always wanted to meet someone while I was travelling and have a fling...or something!  So the kiss for me was HUGE!!! 

We had exchanged numbers and I simply hoped for the best.  That was October.  We have texted occasionally....but it's his work phone and he tries not to use it too much for personal.  But then...two weeks ago, he texted and said he was going to be in town!

I was just a little excited.  He even made sure his hotel was close to me so I didn't have to drive too far.  It was the rest of my bucket list fantasy come true and I could barely contain my excitement.

My husband and I talked it all through and he was ready for me to see him too.  He gave me his approval and admiring looks and lots of love before I left the house that night.

I very nervously parked and as I got out of my car, he just happened to be walking from his after just arriving from the airport.  All big smiles....and a hug...maybe he was nervous too.  We had a few drinks in the hotel bar, had some kissing...then headed to dinner.  It was so fun to be on a date with him and get to know him...and to flirt...hold a hand...rub his leg under the table....start talking about what I wanted to do to him when I got back to his room....tell him how wet I was from just sitting and talking about sex....

We finished dinner....and kissed out by the car....then on the drive home....well....I unbuttoned my jeans and let him finger me all the way home.  He took by tits out a bit and commented that he couldn't wait to get them out and play with them more....

The drive back was pretty damn hot. And once we got upstairs...well, that is for the next entry!

Friday, November 3, 2017

I'm back!

My deepest and sincerest apologies for being gone for so long.

I had some medical issues last summer and then just got busy!

Where should I begin again?

Any ideas???

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I obeyed....

He gave me his address....

I was so nervous.  H lived in a large house a few towns over from me.  He opened the door, jeans and shirt...bare feet.....we hugged hello.  He poured me some wine and we sat on the couch, talking....slowing moving closer on the couch.

I had never done something so reckless.  I hardly knew this man.  He could be anyone.  For all I know he could have a sound proof room and I would never be heard from again!  LOL  But I wanted badly!

As we talked, we began to hold hands, I traced his hand and fingers....we started to kiss.....long, hard and intense.  He found my tits, held them, grabbed at them, cupped them in his large hands.  I told him I wasn't ready to have sex yet.  He agreed.....

We continued kissing and top came off at some point.  I lay back on his couch as he continued sucking my tits and kissing hands finding his cock.  I fumbled to remove his belt and open his pants....

Then it happened....

I saw it...full and hard....the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on.  My god it was glorious.  It was all I could do to contain myself.  I wrapped my hands around it..both hands.  He then stood above me and forced his cock into my mouth...rough, but I took it...I wanted it...needed it in my mouth.....

I sucked and stroked hard so large.....

He talked a lot....that's right, take my cock. It's yours....I own your pussy now.  You own my cock.  Take it...

Then he pulled out and came all over my chest and face....I was bathed in his warm sticky thick cum.  It was amazing. I felt powerless to this man...I felt a slave to his cock and to him and to his sudden power over me.

I left that night...knowing I would be back very soon and knowing I would take that beautiful cock deep inside me very soon.

Mr Big proved to be a pleasant surprise and little did I know he would change me and have a profound effect on me as I journeyed deeper into complete abandon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mr Big

It's got to be over four years now since I met Mr. Big...that's what we will call him.

It was in the beginning stages of us trying to figure the lifestyle out.  I made profiles on a few sites to try to find men that attracted me.  I was looking for men that didn't mind that I was married.  I was always honest from the start.  I never lied about being married, or about my husband always being aware of my activities and dates.  Some men couldn't handle that. Some men, well, all they wanted to do was show me their dick.  I wanted more...I want more.

I am old fashioned when looking for a man to take to bed.  I have to like him and feel like I know him...yes, there are those one night stands, those quick fucks. Those are FUN!  But I was looking for a man to date, a man to see on a regular basis.  It was also still every new for me and I was nervous too.  I wanted to make sure it was someone who would keep my secret....someone who would treat me well....

I started talking to Mr Big because I liked his face, he was a dad and talked so much of his daughter.  He just seemed like a real guy...who lived in another state from his family for work and was lonely.  It was a plus that he lived alone and the wife wasn't around.  I am not really into making a man cheat...but he lived across country from his wife...and ended up divorcing her a year or so late. So I didn't feel too bad.  :-) 

It's been many years since we started talking....Not sure I remember all the details....but we talked online and emails for a long time...traded photos I am sure.  So one day we decided to meet. We met at a Starbucks for a drink...we talked....he actually gave me his business card so that I would know everything about him so I would feel safe. By this time my husband and him had begun talking.  (in our early days of the lifestyle, it made my husband feel better to talk to the men too.  Now that isn't the case often.)  The meeting was good....we walked out to my car...and we kissed good bye....well, more than a was fire and heat and I could tell this was going to be good.  I slide his hand up to the side of my breast and I pressed in and could feel his hard cock....I could tell this was going to be VERY good.

I drove off feeling like I had been electrocuted! I was abuzz....  I believe I went home to my waiting husband and am fairly certain I got fucked hard and fast and hot....

That night I texted Mr Big and said I wanted to see him again....he said now....

I obeyed.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This one time...on an elevator....

Parents away from their kids and out for the night partying up with other parents is just dangerous!  That's where I found myself several years ago.  Dinner, dancing, lots of fundraiser...spending lots of money...having tons of fun!

I was done for the night.  Danced out and very very tipsy!  So I kissed my hubby good night and stumbled into the elevator.  On that elevator was a very nice looking man.  He chuckled at me and at my happy mood...and asked if I was having a good night.  Not totally sure what else he said...but as he got off at his floor I threw caution to the wind and pulled him in for one hell of a kiss!  He then told me what room he was in...I said good night and went up to my room.

Not soon, my husband came up to the room, where I preceded to tell him what happened.  He told me to go.  So I did.

I knocked on his door and he answered it and we went mad on each other.  Clothes were flying and we couldn't get to the bed quick enough.  His cock was quite nice and he was a very confident and knowledgeable lover.  He took charge and I was happy to respond.  I left there still tipsy and very happy with myself.

I returned to my room and my husband where I was promptly fucked silly by him.  I was one satisfied woman.

I saw Paul a few more times over the year after that, when he would return to town.  He has been one of the lovers that I have had that really turned me on.  Not sure why...just knew what he was doing and made me feel submissive and sexy and needed.  I would still be fucking him on his visits had we not made the mistake of talking religion and politics.  LOL

I miss the booty calls the day before he would fly into town.....but happy to have learned things from throw caution to the wind when I see a handsome sexy man and to not talk of things that might make me loose a lover!

I also learned you never know where you might find a partner....elevators are a good place!